Booth Rental at Oracle

Uncage yourself, take the jump, own your own micro-business behind the chair!

We are looking for talented and entrepreneurial hairdressers, who want to take their career to the next level with booth rental.

Maybe you’re already renting and just need a change of environment? Lonely working in your solo suite? We provide a high end salon environment and the right tools to sustain and keep building your business.

  • Luxury and intimate atmosphere in a gender neutral setting, with beautiful marble interiors.

  • Partnership with Green Circle Salons for an eco-friendly space.

  • Local female artists’ work hanging for sale.

  • Bright salon lighting.

  • Weekly meals made by @renderingcosmos available.

  • Fantastic location in Denver’s Virginia Village.

  • Convenient free parking lot your clients will love.

  • Supportive, fun, and drama-free environment. Culture is important to us, and we take great care in selecting people for the salon.

  • We know the initial transition from commission to booth rental can be costly. We offer reduced rents to help defray the cost.

  • New client opportunities.

  • Two relaxing shampoo areas complete with hot towel availability.

  • Continuing education. Keep growing your skill set and learn new techniques and trends.

  • Help with advertising and branding.

  • The option to stock and sell your own retail.

  • Towels, washing machine, and dryer on site.

  • And more!! Ask about our tiered support program. You can get as little or as much support from us as you need.

Booth rental requirements:

• An existing clientele. Booth rental is ideal for stylists who already have a strong book of business and want to grow it even more.

• Entrepreneurial drive. Renting a booth means you’ll have control of your own business and a higher earning potential, but to be successful you’ll need to be self-motivated and excited to sell your services and products.

• Personable and team-oriented. Our culture is important to us. We want stylists who can contribute to a fun and drama-free work environment.

Next steps

Now is the perfect time to make your transition.

We have a limited number of booths available and are excited to offer them to only the best stylists who want to maximize their career potential.

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