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"Perspective is Key" HANDS ON Hair Cutting Class with Ira Pope Sage


Perspective is Key

Ira Pope Sage will be teaching his Clock Cutting Concept, which is a simple and visual way to change your perspective on creating shapes. “I look at the head as a clock,” Ira confirms. “This is a technique that’s very friendly for hairdressers of all skill levels. I believe that knowledge creates simplicity – and that you don’t have to complicate things to be advanced.”

Join Ira in collaboration with Oracle Edu and Emerge Modern Salon on April 15th, 2019 to get a HANDS ON experience with his straightforward clock cutting method – come get up-close with Pope-Sage’s simple, yet complete, haircutting system.

Utilizing the Clock Concept, you will learn the most famous money making haircut in salon history: a round layer shape created with 7 sections.

You will learn a 3 section line or “Bob” also utilizing the Clock Concept. To have a 3 section line in your skill set can save so much time behind the chair, without sacrificing integrity. (For the nerds, this is cut in and above the comb)

We end the day with a creative disconnected shape that is very relevant to current trend of a Modern Shag or a Mullet.

Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and the thing you look at change.”

The Clock Concept will change how you look at cutting hair, perspective is key.

Ira has been in the industry since 1994. He moved from Michigan to Nevada in 1999 and worked for A Robert Cromeans Salon until 2012. He was named Top Hairdresser in Las Vegas 2 years in a row. He educated and traveled all over the globe for Paul Mitchell for 12 years. Be Magazine listed Ira in the Top 40 Platform Artists in the country and he was featured on a Winn Claybaugh Masters CD. In search for freedom Ira created his own independent educational company in 2010 called Epic Hair Movement. He has created the Clock Concept - a way to simplify haircutting. In 2012 he co created and custom blended Cotê Hair. He is a partner and has been the Director of Art of Cotê Hair since 2012.

$300 Early Bird Pricing From Now - March 1st

$350 after March 1st

Very LIMITED tickets available to ensure an intimate and personal experience!

Includes 1 brand new mannequin you get to keep.

Supply List will be sent out the week before the class.

Earlier Event: March 18
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